Move in large letters with people excited

Welcome to Kia European Headquarter!

There’s never been a more exciting time to work at Kia. A place where bold, creative and open-minded people thrive. We all work towards a common goal. Creating movement that inspires ideas. It’s a place where people are truly inspired by what they do. And each other.

We are not just a car manufacturer. At Kia, we believe movement inspires ideas.

We are people who create the time and the space that inspires you through the most innovative mobility experiences.

Joining our European headquarter in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany, you will inspire our customers across 39 markets in Europe and the Caucasus. As Kia Europe is the European sales, marketing and service arm of the Kia Corporation based in South Korea.

If you share our belief that movement inspires ideas, then it's time you move to Kia.

Join us for an amazing ride!